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Where to Get Cheap and Easy Bar B Que Courses in Singapore?

If you want to improve your culinary abilities and knowledge, enrolling in cooking lessons is a fantastic option.

Such bar b que courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills in areas like as food preparation, presentation, and appreciation.

Basic knife skills, food decorating, outdoor grilling, and basic culinary procedures are also available.

Aside from them, a number of classes include international cuisines and other subjects. In conclusion, you will discover the indisputable advantages of culinary classes.

Everyone has their own motivation for enrolling in a culinary class. Some people are there to learn cooking for their families.

While others are there to gain skills for a lucrative engagement or future business—and some people are there to have fun. Whatever your reason for taking cooking classes, you will undoubtedly gain much.

Begin A Profession in The Culinary Arts with Bar B Que Courses

Are you one of those people who always wanted to be a chef or a restaurant owner but couldn’t for some reason?

Attend bar b que lesson or butchery course Singapore to launch your career in the culinary arts if you want to be a restaurant owner or chef.

This will assist you in setting your objectives and broadening your horizons. It will also assist you in deciding whether or not you want to attend a formal culinary school.

Here are three best bar b que grilling and butchery course Singapore:

Advanced Techniques of Barbecue

Duration of the course: 4 Hours

Amount: $200/pax

This workshop will cover brining, hot and cold smoking, and the use of several types of charcoal for experienced grillers who want to broaden their skill set and get into smoking their food.

Participants will learn how to prepare hot smoked beef short ribs, hot smoked pulled pork, brisket burned ends, and cold smoked duck breast, as well as the many techniques required to produce the desired textures, flavors, and results.


  • Three-hour hot smoked beef short ribs
  • Three-hour hot smoked pulled pork
  • Brisket burned ends 
  • Cold smoked duck breast

Introduction to Grilling

Duration of the course: 2 Hours 

Amount: $50/pax

Are you new to grilling or don’t possess a grill? The session is for those who want to learn more about grilling and BBQ grills before purchasing one, as well as those who are just getting started with grilling.

The Grill Master will demonstrate how to successfully set up and use a charcoal/gas grill, as well as prepare numerous basic BBQ recipes.

Throughout the lesson, you’ll have lots of opportunities to ask any questions you may have.


  • Cajun chicken chop
  • Black Angus rump cap steak seasoned in Korean style
  • Smoky grilled vegetables

Basics of Barbecue

Duration of the course: 3 Hours

Amount: $150/pax

Whether you’re just getting started or have some grilling/BBQ expertise, you’ll enjoy learning more ideas to help you master the art of grilling. Participants will learn how to prepare a variety of proteins in various quantities as well as how to put together a BBQ tray in this workshop.


  • Smoked spatchcocked chicken
  • Cedar plank New Zealand King Salmon
  • Lamb kebabs 
  • Perfectly grilled sausages

Choose Your Class, Date, Time Slot & Get Started Right Away

Whatever your reason for taking a cooking class, you will learn a lot about good ingredients, good cuisine, and good cooking techniques while having a great time.

Fyre Grill allows you to take advantage of the indisputable advantages of butchery course Singapore.

They offer a world of great food experiences in a skilled kitchen, from bar b que basics to producing flavored delicacies specifically for parties. For more Please Click!


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